RE-2X(ST)Y-FL Non armoured LK Instrumentation Cable

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Multi stranded annealed electrolytic copper, class 5, (flexible) based on IEC 60228.
Cross section 0.75 mm² , 1.0 mm² , 1.5 mm² .

XLPE (According to IEC 60502-1)
Core identification:
Pair : each unit numbered (Colours available on request)

Twisted pairs.

Overall Screen
Aluminum + polyester (PEPT) tape with 100% coverage + tinned copper drain wire.

Outer sheath
Flexible PVC flame retardant sheath, black color.
Blue for IS.

Flexible cable for data transmission between industrial equipment. The overall/collective screen make them especially suitable for their use in high electromagnetic noise environments.

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RE-2X(ST)Y-FL Non armoured LK Instrumentation Cable

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